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XDEV – Your implementation-partner

Implementation • Customizing • Coaching • Manpower

Full implementation

  • Fastest possible realization
  • Best possible planning certainty
  • Lowest possible risk

We will realize your entire project from planning to implementation. Quick. On-time. 100% reliably. With XDEV PROFESSIONAL SERVICES as a development partner, you can make reliable plans, stay on budget, and take no risks.

Partial realisation

  • Outsource difficult parts of your project
  • Relieve your own team
  • Avoid needless riks

We develop individual project components or program modules for you and will handle the critical or particularly demanding technical tasks. This will relieve your team, add important expertise to your project, save valuable development time, and reduce your project risk.

User interface

  • Let UI & UX experts design your UI
  • Relieve your team from UI issues
  • Time to concentrate on business logic

Java experts are scarce. That's why you shouldn't burden your Java developers with UI design. We'll do the work for you! For this, we have specially trained UI designers who not only have experience in GUI programming, but also the expertise in modern UI design and layout, ergonomics and usability, and also understand the typical needs and wishes of users. Your Java specialists will be relieved and can focus on the implementation of business logic.

Architecture & Server

  • Outsource complex server programming
  • Get solid, proven, supported architecture
  • Time to concentrate on business logic

The server part is the core of your application. We will develop this, the most technically complex part of your solution, starting from the architecture to all major basic functions, infrastructure services, and interfaces for you. You will receive a full application base as a basic building block for your business application which you can then use to implement your custom program features quickly and easily. Your application developers will therefore not have to worry about complex server programming, but can instead concentrate fully on the implementation of key program features. This saves you an enormous amount of development time and avoids technical risks.

Customizing - UI & APIs

  • Let custom UI widgets design and implement the specialists
  • We evaluate and customize APIs helping you to save time and costs

We are experts in GUI development. For more than 16 years, we have been developing GUI builders and GUI components based on Java Swing, Vaadin and HTML 5. Our XDEV COMPONENT SUITE with more than 300 controls offers the most comprehensive collection of GUI components that exists for Java. We will develop custom UI widgets or customize already available basic components for your needs. You save development time, test time, and money.

Manpower only

  • Reinforce your team
  • Compensate for staff shortages
  • Flexible periods

We can provide developers and project managers to work with your development, team, even on-site if you require.

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Professional Support & Training
Consulting & Implementation