Develop powerful Java applications in record time

XDEV 5 is the leading Java IDE for Rapid Application Development. XDEV 5 is based on Java Swing and works like Access, FoxPro, Forms, VB, Delphi etc. As a result, XDEV 4 simplifies Java development drastically.

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Swing GUI-Builder

Design Java user interfaces as you were using a graphics program

The XDEV 5 GUI-Builder allows you to design Java user interfaces as fast and easy as working with a graphic program. Java knowledge is not necessary to build graphical user interfaces with XDEV 5 because not even a single line of code has to be written.

GUI Builder

Tremendous number of GUI-components

Most comprehensive GUI component collection existing for Java Swing

XDEV 5 offers ultimate power features, which enhance your application extremely and render them much more comfortable and powerful in an instant. Extend your solution with the features your users are dreaming of. And the best of it is, the integration is amazingly easy. Even complex features can be implemented in every application as easy as pushing a button. Fascinate your customers and shock your competitors with the features of XDEV 5.

GUI Builder


Develop database-independent apps

XDEV 5 enables you to develop database applications, which can be adapted to every important database at any time. It makes no difference if you start from the scratch or use an already existing database. XDEV 5 provides you all necessarey tools you need for developing database applications fast and convenient.

GUI Builder

Java Code Editor

XDEV 5 provides all tools Java professionals need

XDEV 5 transitions from RAD development almost fluently to conventional Java programming. If you are missing features in XDEV 5, you can easily import them from another framework, alter existing solutions or implement your own components, because XDEV 5 also offers every key function of a standard Java IDE.

GUI Builder

Download XDEV 5

NOTE: If you use a 64-bit operating system, but only the 32-bit Java version, the XDEV 5 64-bit can not be executed.
In this case you first have to remove your 32-bit Java version from your computer.
After that you can install and run the XDEV 5 64-bit version.

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