GUI-Design like graphic design


Java Swing based


Most comprehensive GUI component collection existing for Java

Master-detail views


Flexible layouts


Menu wizard


Browser-Component for embedding any web content

The XDEV 5 GUI-Builder allows you to design Java user interfaces as fast and easy as working with a graphic program. All GUI components can be inserted into the work space via Drag&Drop and then be postitioned pixel-precise. Java knowledge is not necessary to build graphical user interfaces with XDEV 5 because not even a single line of code has to be written.
Graphical user interfaces designed with XDEV 5 are based on Java Swing, which is the standard library for developing GUIs in Java since 1997 and is still used by most of the Java developers. Hence, every Java Swing GUI-Control can be used with XDEV 5, including buttons, form components, windows and dialogs, tabs, menu bars and context menus as well as a powerful table and tree component. Even JavaFX Controls, HTML pages, Videos, Flash and PDFs can be integrated into Java Swing interfaces. Swing applications are running on Desktop-PCs, MACs, on tablets from Windows 8 Pro and inside your web browser, thus being very versatile.
XDEV 5 can generate a form from every database table. Generated forms are layouted automatically and can be scaled totally flexibly. Changing the form's design as well as inserting it into any winodw or component is easily possbile.
Complex Master-detail views can be realised very quickly and completely wihout any programming expense by just connecting two components with a simple click. Respective database queries are generated autonomously.
XDEV 5 offers you a very comfortable layout manager to develop scalable windows and forms. Even complex structues can be layouted in seconds without the need for knowing Java GridBag-Layout programming.
Menus and menu bars can be constructed without any programming. All the menus can also be used as a context menu by simplay dragging the menu onto the desired interface position.
Even completed applications can easily be internationalized. A wizard is generating special files for every needed language, which just have to be translated afterwards. During runtime, the correct language file is selected automatically based on the user's system preferences. Switching the language manually is also possible, of course.

Automatic event registration


Custom GUI components


Generating Java code in real time

XDEV 5 generates not only the GUI code, but also the needed event handlers, which are responsible for all events on the interface.
XDEV 5 allows you to extend every GUI component with new properties and functions to create your own palette of GUI components, which fits in seamlessly with the standard palette of the XDEV 4 GUI-Bulider. Even external GUI Beans available for Java can be integrated, thus expanding XDEV 4 boundlessly.
Every alteration of your interface generates the respective Java source code in the background in real time. This code is clearly structured. By changing to the code-editor view, manual alterations are possible at any time.


The new Browser component enables you to embed any web-content into your XDEV 5 apps, e.g. web forms, billing and payment systems as well as HTML5 web applications you have developed with XDEV RapidClipse.

Generating forms

XDEV 5 provides you the most comprehensive GUI component collection existing for Java, e.g. several Tables, TreeTable, filter functions, a complete calendar module, a powerful GanttChart module, a GUI-docking-framework an 28 professional themes.

Swing GUI-Builder