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Java 8

In XDEV 5 you are able to not only enter statements via keyboard, but also can insert code comfortably by using Drag&Drop. Especially beginners, who do not know Java syntax by heart already, are happy to have those code templates. By inserting code from the palette, a complete structure including brackets and semicolons, is created, so that you almost cannot write erroneous code. Marking lines show where to put parameters. All control structures are deposited as code templates, which can be customized individually. Creating own code templates is easily possible, too.
The special partial code view only show the code that you wrote yourself. The code generated by XDEV 5 is not shown and does not confuse you with many lines of code, imports and constructors. That helps to retain control of your project at any time while you are still a Java beginner. If you are a more experienced Java programmer or if you want to view the complete code of each class, feel free to deactivate the partial code view.
The XDEV 5 code editor offers the possibilty to show code suggestions while you are typing. Those intelligent hints suggest constructors, variables and methods that can be used in the respective position. It also helps you to always write the correct statements, preventing typing errors or losing time by not memorizing the correct call statement.
The code inspector automatically show syntax errors and refers to the respective code line number. By clicking the error message, the IDE automatically opens the code editor and focuses the erroneous code area. Filthy and needless code are also pointed out by the Inspector.
Quick-Fixes help to correct syntax errors or even complete code segments comfortably. Moving the cursor over erroneous code segments displays a Quick-Fix in the fashion of a tooltip. With another click, the code gets fixed automatically.
If you need to alter your code, XDEV 5 offers you reliable and performant refactoring. Even complex changes can be done in no time.
XDEV 5 supports the latest Java version 8.



Version control Subversion (SVN)



The FindBugs plugin can search your program for erroneous patterns to detect bugs in your program. FindBugs is available as a free plugin for XDEV 5.
XDEV 5 offers a very powerful integration for Apache Subversion (SVN), the most popular version management tool within the Java community. The SVN-Plugin is Open Source and can be used for free.
The split view enables you to find the function that you are looking for in no time. Clicking a GUI component displays all its methods including their documentation. Now you can simply Drag&Drop the needed method into your code to open a helping wizard to specify needed parameters.


XDEV 5 grants you a professional debugger to test your code and detect errors very quickly. You can use it to verify numbers, strings, objects and data records in your database.
The XDEV 5 rapid application development concept also continues with the Code Editor. Hence Java programming with XDEV 5 is much easier than using another Java Editor.

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