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New: Design your Java GUI with XDEV 5 - Develop your entire Business Logic with Stored Procedures
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for Windows - Linux - Mac OS X
XDEV 5 works like MS Access, FoxPro, VisualBasic, Delphi and other 4gl solutions
End-result is a real Java application
4gl developers can switch-over to Java fast and easily
XDEV 5 simplifies the entiere application development with Java Swing radically
XDEV 5 provides the biggest GUI component collection existing for Java
XDEV 5 lets you create impressive user interfaces.
Most powerful & comfortable GUI builder available for Java Swing
Database-independent applications
Applications running under Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
Apps running on mobile Windows tablets
A tool without limits - because it`s a Java IDE - develop everything what is possible with Java
Available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X for free

Why XDEV 5 ?


XDEV 5 or RapidClipse?

You don´t want an application running inside a browser
You prefer classic Java desktop applications
   (Client-cerver / Fat-client, embedded database)
You prefer Java Swing as your UI technology
You and your developers have experience with Swing already
You don´t need mobile apps
You prefer a light-weight 2-tier architecture for your application
You prefer a HTML5 web-interface running in any browser
You want to develop mobile apps
You prefer classic desktop applications, but without Swing
You prefer cross-platform development
You want to run your applications in the cloud as a service
You prefer a modern 3-tier architecture
You prefer Eclipse and other standards for your development
Haben Sie Fragen zu den Unterschieden zwischen XDEV 4 und RapidClipse oder brauchen Sie Unterstützung bei der Entscheidungsfindung?
Gerne unterstützen wir Sie dabei und beantworten Ihre Fragen.
XDEV Application Framework
Java Code Editor
Open Source
The XDEV 5 GUI-Builder allows you to design Java user interfaces as fast and easy as working with a graphic program. All GUI components can be inserted into the work space via Drag&Drop and then be postitioned pixel-precise. Java knowledge is not necessary to build graphical user interfaces with XDEV 5 because not even a single line of code has to be written. XDEV 5 can generate a form from every database table. Generated forms are layouted automatically and can be scaled totally flexibly. Changing the form's design as well as inserting it into any winodw or component is easily possbile. XDEV 5 allows you to extend every GUI component with new properties and functions to create your own palette of GUI components, which fits in seamlessly with the standard palette of the XDEV 5 GUI-Bulider. Even external GUI Beans available for Java can be integrated, thus expanding XDEV 5 boundlessly.
The XDEV Application Framework forms the main component of XDEV's RAD concept aside from the GUI-Builder. The Framework provides a base architecture and infrastructure for graphical user interfaces and database applications and releases you from many tasks, that developers have to usually program themselves, including data binding, processing results (Resultsets), transaction management and data encryption. Beyond that, the Framework offers a compact function library (XAPI) containing a big variety of functions, which simplify the access to databases, files, computer memory, interfaces and external applications. The XDEV Application Framework is Open Source.
XDEV 5 transitions from RAD development almost fluently to conventional Java programming. If you are missing features in XDEV 5, you can easily import them from another framework, alter existing solutions or implement your own components, because XDEV 5 also offers every key function of a standard Java IDE.
XDEV 5 Application Framework is Open Source, licensed and published under the LGPL. It allows the usage of the Framework for commercial purposes, especially selling proprietary Closed Source software products.
Database independency
The XDEV 5 development environment is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
Developing on every platform
XDEV 5 enables you to develop database applications, which can be adapted to every important database at any time. Therefore, XDEV 5 offers special database interfaces for Caché, DB2, DB2/400, Firebird, H2, HSQL, Informix, Ingres, MS SQL-Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite and Sybase.
Platform independency
Applications developed with XDEV 5 are running on Desktop-PCs, MACs, on tablets with Windows 8 Pro or Windows 10 and inside your web browser, thus being very versatile. You do not have to customize anything for this feature.

Main Features

Database and PL/SQL developer now listen carefully! XDEV 5 now allows you to develop your entire business logic based on stored procedures and functions, without any Java coding. In XDEV 5 you only have to import and bind your SPs together with your user interface using drag-and-drop. After that the GUI gets all data directly from your SPs and functions. You need Java for calling SPs only. From now on you don´t have to learn Java for developing Java applications with XDEV 5. If you have a legacy application you want to renew, you can keep your entire business logic existing in your database already. You only have to renew the user interface and connect it with your SPs.
Stored Procedures databinding
Developers, who develop with Access, Oracle Forms, FoxPro, Filemaker, Visual Basic, Delphi or other  4gl tools and languages as well as web developers, who want to begin to use Java without studying Java for months prior to starting a project.
IT departments, which are building a Java team and want to start as fast and economic as possible with developing applications with Java.
IT departments, which want to develop a new business application based on Java or migrate an existing solution as easy and fast as possible.
Developer teams, which want to use developers in Java projects, who do not have mastered Java yet, for instance GUI development.
Universities, schools and other educational institutions as well as IT training companies, which want to communicate Java Know- how in an easy manner.

Target Audience?

Stored Procedures Integration
Design modern Java GUIs with XDEV 5 by using drag&rop, develop your entire business logic with Stored Procedures or keep your existing Stored Procedures. Thus, XDEV 5 enables you to develop Java applications without Java coding.

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